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Friday 21 Jan, 2022

Trigon Hotels
Co. Cork

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Trigon Hotels Raise €11,000 for charity partners Cope and Ability@Work
The partnership is confirmed to continue into 2022.

 Fri 17th December 2021

Team members at Trigon Hotels have raised more than €11,000 this year for Cope Foundation and Ability@Work this year. Trigon Hotels announced at the start of 2021 that Cope and Ability@Work would be their charity partners for 2021. This partnership is also set to continue into 2022.

Trigon Hotel team members participated in and organised several fundraising events over the year, beginning with the 300,000 Step Challenge. Throughout the year team members at Trigon Hotels, which includes the Metropole Hotel and the Cork International Hotel continued to raise money for the charities with events such as the Cork Car Show which raised more than €8,500 and a spinning marathon that raised over €2,000.

Strategic Director of Human Resources at Trigon Hotels, Kathleen Linehan, said: "Trigon Hotels have a strong history of working closely with local charities, and were delighted to carry on this tradition this year by working with Cope and Ability@Work. Cope does fantastic work, and we are delighted we could offer our support this year through fundraising efforts and various other exciting initiatives. We look forward to raising more money for the charities next year.”

This partnership is a continuation of what has been a very successful working relationship between Trigon Hotels and Cope Foundation over the last few years. Trigon Hotels are long-running ambassadors for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and have supported Cope Foundation's Ability@Work initiative over the last few years. Ability@Work helps people to try and gain paid employment in businesses around Cork.

Trigon Hotels have provided six employment opportunities in the Metropole Hotel and the Cork International Hotel. Participants are working as waiters, waitresses, concierge, and housekeeping departments.

Marian Hennessy from Ability@Work said: “Ability@Work is delighted to be part of this wonderful partnership, developing inclusive work placements with Trigon Hotels Group. The people we support are fully integrated as part of the workplace as part of the employment opportunities Trigon provide and are valued members of the team. These opportunities have enabled our participants to grow in confidence and become more independent. Having a paid job means more financial security for each person. It is brilliant to see how much their self-esteem has grown. This fundraising will mean so much in providing resources and training materials to enable more people move into employment. We really appreciate the friendship and generosity of all the staff in Trigon, who are so inclusive to inclusive workplaces.”

JoAnne Higgins from Cope Foundation said: “Our overarching objective with fundraising is to raise funds that will help to empower people, promote independence, and generate opportunities for people we support. Each year, we aim to raise €1 million through fundraising to help our organisation deliver more for people and support people to live ‘Your Life, Your Way’. This money does so much – it helps us to purchase houses so that people can live more independent lives in their community; develop person-centred assistive technology projects which promote independence and choice; fund activities and experiences so that people we support can try new things, visit new places and make connections; as well as purchase much-needed resources and equipment for our day and residential centres.”

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