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Fri 2 Dec, 2022
Friday 2 Dec, 2022

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Three Cork hotels celebrate as county’s first Green Managers are certified
Delivering meaningful environmental improvements and trailblazing a way for sustainable tourism
 Thurs 24th November 2022

Team members from three Cork hotels have been awarded the Certificate in Environmental Sustainability Management in Hospitality (CTH) to become Corks first certified Green Managers. Nicole O’ Leary and Edel Kavanagh from the Cork International and Metropole Hotel and Christina O’ Sullivan from the Imperial Hotel were awarded the certificates in a ceremony in Cork College of FET- Westside Hospitality Campus.

The Certificate is a follow on programme from the Fifty Shades Greener environmental programme and is designed to upskill people working within the hospitality industry to become the 'Green Managers' of the future. It empowers learners to make a real difference to their workplace by training them to deliver meaningful environmental improvements within their hospitality property. All three hotels have already completed the 50 Shades Greener Programme resulting in more sustainable tourism in their hotel.

Reducing the use of energy and water, cutting the production of waste and reducing business utilities will not only facilitate a reduction of carbon emissions but also deliver the potential to save money. If effectively put into practice, the implemented principles can be a win-win for business owners, the industry and the planet.

Certificates were presented to the three graduates by Raquel Noboa, founder and CEO of Fifty Shades Greener. Speaking on the day she congratulated the three graduates for leading the way for sustainable tourism in Cork and nationally, “keep on learning, there is always more to learn and to do in the field of sustainability. Well done to all three of you, Cork is leading the way for sustainable tourism in Ireland”.

Speaking on the day, Valerie Cowman, Manager of Cork College of FET’s Bishopstown Campus said “I congratulate Nicole, Edel and Christina on their significant achievement in becoming Cork’s first certified green managers. They and their companies and trailblazing a way for sustainable tourism in Cork and we are proud to be part of it. I would encourage any businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry who would like to follow in their footprints to contact us on”.

Further information on applying to take part in the programme is available through the following websites: Fifty Shades Greener, Bishopstown Campus. For more information on Cork ETB’s FET offering, visit

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