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Fri 3 Feb, 2023
Friday 3 Feb, 2023

Limerick Strand Hotel
Co. Limerick

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Limerick Strand Hotel guests enjoy surprise poem from Edward O’Dwyer
A valued member of the hotel team, celebrated poet Edward O’Dwyer recently launched his third book
 Thurs 22nd December 2022

The Limerick Stand Hotel was delighted to recently host the third book launch of Edward O’Dwyer, the talented poet is also a valued member of the hotel team. His latest collection of poems is titled ‘Exquisite Prisons’.

The hotel and Edward also recently surprised some lucky guests with a poem on their pillow to read before bed as a relaxing way to wind down and detox from the digital world. The poem ‘Rain On Cruise’s Street’ was chosen as it takes you to the heart of Limerick, drawing upon Edward’s own strong connection with the city.

The Limerick Strand Hotel look forward to supporting Edward on his continued success as he deftly navigates teaching and writing whilst working at the Strand. With Edward’s permission, we’re delighted share ‘Rain On Cruise’s Street’ for your reading enjoyment.

Rain On Cruise’s Street

Right now

I’m envying the rain on Cruise’s Street.

I’m probably the only one,

But I am in no hurry

as shoppers

rush between Claire’s and Boots

As it heavies and thickens

and the clouds overhead groan machinelike.

And yet my envy

I could pinpoint down

to a single

and isolated drop.

This one,

I could scapegoat for the rest

as they come down,

Lashing the faded red-brick

in torrents

turning it a muddy brown.

That full and luscious drop.

That one right there, see it?

The one trickling

down her neck

like a lover’s liquid tongue.

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