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Saturday 13 Aug, 2022

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Sligo Park Hotel says new eBike scheme in Sligo is enriching tourist experiences
With a pick-up and drop-off station at Sligo Park Hotel it’s a convenient option for visitors
 Mon 18th July 2022

Sligo Park Hotel has hailed the rollout of a Bolt Bike scheme in Sligo town with hotel guests praising the electric bike service for enriching their overall visitor experience. The scheme was launched in Sligo last month with 100 electric bikes being made available to the public from parking stations across the town's environs.

Bikes can be rented using the Bolt app at a cost of 15c per minute and have a range of up 45 kilometres, making, for example, the sea at Rosses Point accessible to visitors without a vehicle for the first time.

Each bike comes with battery assist, making it an effortless peddling experience for even the most inexperienced cyclist, while drop-off and pick-up stations can be found at all major sites around Sligo town, including on the grounds of Sligo Park Hotel. This offers guests hoping to explore Sligo’s great outdoors a convenient green alternative.

Staff at the hotel have received glowing reports from visitors and colleagues who use the service on a daily basis, with many crediting the eBikes with helping to cut commuting costs and improve their sightseeing experience.

Sligo Park Hotel Sales and Marketing Manager Bernadette Coffey said: “It’s lovely to see the bikes at the front of the hotel. Cycling is a lovely family activity, great for couples. Even people who haven’t been on a bike in years are being tempted.

“The feedback from guests has been really positive. Visitors without cars are seeing some more of Sligo’s amazing scenery, and those with cars are getting around in a way that’s greener, cheaper, and much more healthy and enjoyable for them.

“On the climate side, too, it’s a positive that there are fewer cars on the road and people are travelling on their own steam.

“It’s not just guests who are making good use of the scheme. Hotel staff are using it to get to and from work. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day and with the current price of fuel expected to climb even further in the coming weeks and months, the timing of the Bolt Bikes rollout couldn’t be better.

“We relish the positives but we also remind our staff and guests to put safety first by using a helmet when they’re riding around town.”

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