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Tuesday 5 Jul, 2022

The Shelbourne
Dublin City

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The Shelbourne sponsors ‘Sauntering with Joyce’ audio tour for Bloomsday
Walking map and tour free to download as part of the 100th birthday celebrations of Ulysses
 Fri 17th June 2022

Launched to the public on Bloomsday, June 16th, the Sauntering with Joyce audio tour has been generously sponsored by Dublin City Council Arts Office and The Shelbourne. The audio tour has been created by a father and son - Gerry Dukes, respected critic, academic, biographer, editor and a lifelong Joyce reader, and his son Daragh, composer and audio producer.

Through the tour, you can follow some of Joyce’s own footsteps and those of his characters around Dublin, to see what they can tell us about what he was trying to write and how he went about it.

From MOLI to The Shelbourne, to Westland Row and back via Kildare Street, they talk discovery, realism, politics, food and heart. They also discuss the joys of reading Joyce, alone and together. This hour-long experience steeps the participant in the creation of Ulysses. Delving into the writer’s methods, thought processes and ambitions for his work, this is a tour like no other. In the centenary year of the publication of Ulysses in 1922, unravel some of the mysteries of this great novel — the most celebrated yet least read (or least finished) book of all time.

The audio tour is free to access in two ways. Either experience the tour in real time, downloading and listening on your device while following on foot a mapped route through selected city centre locations, or it can be enjoyed with your feet up, immersing yourself in the words and sounds of the piece by downloading the audio from wherever you are.

Looking back to his first encounter with Joyce, Gerry Duke said, “My interest in Joyce was piqued when my father was taking us to school one day. My brother had a copy of Dubliners which he was bringing back to the library and my father saw it and told him he shouldn’t be reading that… and I thought immediately, well, if he shouldn’t be reading that, it’s obviously what I need to read, so when my brother took the book back to the library, I took it out.”

Speaking of his early introduction to Joyce, Daragh Duke said, “Dad did quite a clever trick when we were very small and it was time for our bedtime story. He read to us from Finnegans Wake. It gave him an opportunity to read the book and we were of course unconscious in minutes, lost in this indecipherable music. Joyce was always a presence in our house growing up.”

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