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Sat 20 Apr, 2024
Saturday 20 Apr, 2024

National Commis Chef Apprenticeship Programme

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Spectacular National Commis Chef Apprenticeship Showcase
52 competitors from across the country demonstrate incredible culinary talent
 Tues 13th February 2024

Kerry Education and Training Board (Kerry ETB) recently hosted a culinary extravaganza at the Great Southern Hotel in Killarney. The National Commis Chef Apprenticeship Showcase brought together 52 competitors from across the country. Featuring six display competitions and five live cooking competitions, the event served as a vibrant celebration of culinary talent and vocational training in Ireland.

Kerry ETB CEO Colm McEvoy expressed "Apprenticeships play a vital role in shaping the future of the hospitality industry, providing aspiring chefs with the training and skills necessary to thrive in today's dynamic culinary landscape. We are immensely proud of to be the lead providers of this impactful apprenticeship programme and grateful for the unwavering support and collaboration of the Irish Hotel Federation. Together, we are not only fostering talent but also strengthening the foundation of Ireland's vibrant hospitality sector."

The highlight of the showcase was the presentation of 21 awards, recognising excellence in various categories. Notably, the beautifully handcrafted ‘Chefs Kiss Trophies’, hand crafted by the Stone Mason and Stone Cutting Apprentices from Kerry College, adorned the ceremony. Additionally, silver, and bronze medals were bestowed upon outstanding competitors adding to the prestige of the event.

Congratulating all of the competitors, IHF Chief Executive Tim Fenn said, “The passion and skills displayed by the Commis Chef Apprentices points to a very bright future for culinary apprenticeship in Ireland. The National Commis Chef Apprenticeship Programme provides a vital opportunity for those who wish to pursue an earn and learn pathway to qualifying as a Commis Chef on their career journey. I want to commend Kerry ETB and all of the participating ETBs, as well as the employers, mentors, authorised officers, training teams, judges and everyone involved in organising this fantastic showcase event.”

Among the competitors who stood out were 17-year-old Thomas Shannon from Limerick and Clare ETB and mature student Grace Nagle from Tipperary ETB. Thomas impressed the judges with his skills in the Black Sole Live Competition, highlighting a level of proficiency beyond his years. His participation highlighted the inclusivity of apprenticeship programmes, demonstrating that age is no barrier to pursuing one's culinary dreams.

Grace Nagle's success in clinching the silver medal in the Iles Flottante Live Cooking Competition further emphasised the accessibility of apprenticeships. As a mature student, Grace's journey served as a testament to the fact that apprenticeships are indeed for everyone, regardless of age or background. She encouraged aspiring chefs to seize the opportunity offered by the Commis Chef Apprenticeship, praising the exceptional instructors and the unwavering support provided throughout the program.

Reflecting on the event's success, Mallory Higgins, the National Program Coordinator, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "The Commis Chef Apprenticeship Showcase exceeded our expectations, highlighting the incredible talent and passion within our apprenticeship community. It's inspiring to see these young chefs demonstrate their skills with such flair and creativity."

The National Commis Chef Apprenticeship Showcase not only celebrated culinary talent but also served as a platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to witness the diversity and potential of apprenticeship programs. With its blend of creativity, skill, and passion, the event underscored the vital role of vocational training in nurturing the next generation of culinary excellence.

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